Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Preface To Program ...

Healing the Earth Family calls, to my mind and spirit, so many factors, values, conditions that its text seems to need to come alive, have a life of its own.  The actual program begins immediately after the preface.

Since the “live” version of the program has paper handouts that are available for people to pick up and read or take home with them (and if you’d like some, please let me know – I will send them to you free) ... and as these handouts are not neatly arranged on a display table here, I would like to mention some of their topics.

A comprehensive approach to healing on an earth-wide scale involving humans, animals, plant life, and the planet itself, I’ll write a syllabus about several of them here.  

Maybe the first ought to be ...

7.3 BILLION  &  RISING which refers to human population --

The importance of human population stabilization must, somehow, come out of the shadows and be recognized openly by world leaders, as it is a global concern.  We are at almost 7 and a half billion and growing rapidly, exponentially. Human overpopulation is at the core of most of the world’s problems (including wars) being suffered by humans, animals, nature and earth’s resources. But no politician wants to talk about it. No clergy person dares to talk about it. Right now, whether we acknowledge it or not, war is the prevalent method of human population control. In undeveloped countries, overpopulation is largely the result of inaccessibility of birth control measures and knowledge, along with cultural customs to have as many children as possible due to high infant mortality. In other countries, birth control is readily available, but lack of sex education along with the cultural and creative urge in each one of us leads to pregnancies. Relatives, too, can exert influence to create children and grandchildren. Abortion is now a fierce political issue.  It shouldn’t be ... for global and reproductive rights reasons. Can you imagine our current world with many more millions of people competing for space and resources ... and the additional strain on the earth and non-human species in terms of pollution and habitat?  Couples wanting a child might want to consider adoption as the first rather than last resort ... a 4-way win outcome benefiting the child, birth parents, adoptive parents, and Earth. My fear is that the future for today’s human babies, because of sheer numbers, will be bleak and devoid of comfort, necessities, and beauty ... and yet millions of them innocently keep coming into the world ... a world that has become a scary, crowded, warring, politically corrupt place. Age-appropriate education for all people, everywhere, please! Somebody, please get the ball rolling.  


  1. Be loving, responsible caregivers to companion animals.
  2. Wear clothing that does not contain real animal fur.
  3. Eat humanely.  It’s smart, healthy, and “cool” to go veg.
  4. Buy products that don’t do testing on animals.
  5. Preserve/protect habitat and right-to-life of wild animals.
  6. Seek help for injured or displaced animals, bird, reptiles.
  7. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  8. Report incidences of animal cruelty, abuse, neglect.
  9. Don’t do activities that exploit or kill animals for fun.
10. Petition legislators to protect US horses and wolves.
11. Spread the message of compassion for all living beings.
12. Get your dog and cat spayed or neutered.
13. Don’t  breed or buy while homeless pets die.


Being a volunteer to help people (children, elderly, hospitalized, disabled, incarcerated), animals, and/or our environment is very fulfilling and brings joy, relief, and comfort, and help to those who need it.   Please consider volunteering at Big Brothers Big Sisters, H.A.B.I.T (Human and Animal Bond In Tennessee), Meals On Wheels, an animal shelter or rescue organization, at a prison,  Howling For Wolves, Predators Defense, Last Chance For Animals and many other worthy organizations. There are humanitarian, animal advocacy, environmental, and service agencies that welcome and need volunteers and there are some, such as the prisons, where a volunteer needs to push himself/herself in as a volunteer.


Wildlife animals are killed for sport.  Here are some true facts to consider.

1)  Being shot hurts ( I know because I was shot and it really, really hurt).

2) Hunters shoot the biggest and best-looking animals which weakens the herd and gene pool of the species.

3) In a sport, both participants are willing and they are sort of even in their skills ... but hunters have high-tech equipment and many advantages over animals ...and animals are not willing participants.

4) Those species whose numbers are increasing  too much are doing so because people have totally unbalanced the environment by killing off the animals’ natural predators ... so a control solution would be to restore nature’s balance ... you know – just leave things alone!

5) There is something ethically and spiritually wrong about inflicting needless bloodshed and suffering on anybody – human or animal.  I have a booklet called “Think Like The Animal”, written by Norm Phelps, a hunter who had a change of heart and perspective.  How precious to see wildlife animals ... living and being who they are.


When I first became vegetarian, I took a lot of criticism.  It wasn’t the cool thing to do.  That was back in 1980.  Now, becoming veg or semi-veg is known to be good for your health, good for the earth, good for animals, and “cool”!


For humane and caring people, all of this and more is worthy of thought and consideration.  I am, personally, very concerned about all of Earth’s beings; I’m concerned as a human, as an artist, and as a spiritual and ethical being.

Please read, feel, think about the material covered in the written narrative and the video covered in “Healing The Earth Family”.  In the spirit of love and caring ...

Clara (the Lady Wolf)

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